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Fine & rare wines and spirits are undeniably among the most sought-after luxury products in the world. But getting the desired bottles at the right time and the best prices is difficult. If you are looking for top-tier wines, it requires the right partnership. Therefore, thousands of private and professional wine lovers have chosen RareWine Trading through the years.

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Your professional wine merchant

Four Good Reasons To Choose RareWine Trading

We serve every wine lover from A-list celebrities, Forbes’ World’s Billionaires List inductees, and the world’s top wine drinkers to private collectors and bonvivants. Every client has their wishes and desires, and the reason for choosing RareWine Trading may vary, but here are some of the most common:

  • Wine Enthusiasts Ourselves

    Wine Enthusiasts Ourselves

    We simply love everything wine. This is simply not only a job and we seek to ensure you or your clients the best possible experience, because we know how important it is. Wine is meant for being enjoyed, and the best way to do so is by getting the desired bottle. Whenever. Wherever.

  • Quality And Security – Wine Detective

    Quality And Security – Wine Detective

    Quality is not only something you should expect from the content of the bottles. Therefore, we dispose of one of the world’s leading and widely acknowledged wine detectives working determinedly to ensure quality and authenticity of all wines and spirits coming into our warehouse.

  • Professional Warehouse And Logistics

    Professional Warehouse And Logistics

    Take advantage of our world-class warehouse and logistics department, which are specialized in handling bottles from all over the world. Our warehouse has a capacity of more than 2.5 million bottles, and we ship to all corners of the world on a daily basis.

  • Bringing You Close To The Source

    Bringing You Close To The Source

    Obtaining the most exclusive bottles in the world is tough. Getting them from as close to the source as possible is even more challenging. We cooperate with some of the best producers and distributors worldwide, ensuring you are always as close to the source as possible.


Protecting Your Wine

Armed with a microscope, tons of experience, and hundreds of thousands of self-gathered hi-res images, one of the world’s leading anti-fraud experts is guarding your wine.

It is essential for us to ensure the quality of the wines that arrive and leaves our warehouse. That is why we have our in-house wine detective who is leading the fight against counterfeiting.

For Mads Duus Pedersen, there is no room for compromise, and through cooperation with winemakers, auction houses, and other industry people, he works daily to make the world wine trade safe.

Did you know money bills have multiple security features to ensure security and authenticity? Many great wines do as well. Not many knows, or at least which or how many. Mads does, and that is for your advantage.

RareWine's Wine Detective Wine detective anti-fraud

Free Consolidation Of Orders

When you shop with RareWine Trading, we offer state-of-the-art handling to ensure as smooth and fast delivery to you as possible. But if you, as most of our clients, make more than a single purchase, you can enjoy free consolidating of your orders.

This means that you can shop the wine and spirits of your desire and simultaneously be cost-efficient regarding shipping – whether you are a professional or a private.

Safe handling at RareWine Free consolidation

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If you ask us, wine and its great adventures should be enjoyed together. Therefore we enjoy sharing content from the world of fine wine and engaging with wine lovers across the globe. Through our online channels, we reach more than 50 million unique individuals annually. Our Instagram figures in the top 10 of the greatest wine-related channels worldwide, together with premium brands and global media.

Are Facebook, TikTok, Linkedin, YouTube, or Twitter more your style – do not worry. We got you covered. Find us on your preferred platform.

Join our univers of wine-related content and get inspired by all aspects of wine and spirits.

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