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RareWine Group is one of the world's leading fine and rare wine companies. Danish entrepreneur Rasmus Nielsen founded the company in 2006, and today RareWine Group employs more than 60 people in various locations - both nationally and internationally.

RareWine Group is divided into three main cornerstones: the present RareWine Trading, RareWine Invest, and Nordic Freeport, forming an advantageous trinity together. The headquarter is located in Aalborg, Denmark, while the warehouse facilities are based in Vester Hassing, just north of Aalborg. Furthermore, RareWine Invest has offices in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Milano, and Geneva.

RareWine Group
RareWine Trading

RareWine Trading

RareWine Trading was founded in 2006 as the first part of the trinity that forms RareWine Group today. An incredible drive and passion for wine was the starting point for an online trading platform exclusively for the world's best and rarest wines.

Here several years later, the passion still stands while the trading network has grown significantly.

Today, RareWine buys and sells rare wines and spirits globally, and exclusive drops are shipped daily from the warehouse at Nordic Freeport. RareWine Trading deals with high-class end-users, A-list celebrities, and other wine traders within the industry.

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RareWine Trading
RareWine Invest

RareWine Invest

Since 2012 RareWine Invest has provided portfolio advice and sold investment wine to private and professional investors worldwide – including private equity funds and family offices. The number of investors has long exceeded 1,000. The same is true of the total value of portfolios, which has surpassed € 150 million.

The most exclusive luxury wines constitute less than 0.1 % of world wine production. The rarity that also permeates these wines makes them status symbols as well. An increasing number of rich and super-rich people is raising demand.

Furthermore, ongoing consumption and the poor possibility of quantity expansion make luxury wine a promising investment. Which more and more people are demanding. At RareWine Invest, you will find confirmed reliable wine knowledge and long-term investment advisory services.  

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Nordic Freeport

Nordic Freeport

One of the three cornerstones of the RareWine Group is Nordic Freeport – the only bonded warehouse in the European Union where privates and professionals can store wine and spirits exclusive of VAT and excise duties. The Warehouse was built in 2016 and expanded in 2020, with further expansion to come.

Both investors and private clients benefit from the facilities at Nordic Freeport, where professionals handle everything from warehouse management to wine logistics, including import transport and distribution.

Here ideal conditions for proper wine storage exist with state-of-the-art security, a constant temperature of 12 degrees, and humidity of 70 %. Currently, Nordic Freeport has a capacity of approximately 2,500,000 bottles, which can be stored entirely free of customs duty, excise, and VAT.

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Nordic Freeport Warehouse
Modern Wine Trade

Building Wine Trade Of The Future

The wine business has changed in the past few years. More than it has changed in the past 50 years. At RareWine, we have succeeded in building a wine business of the future, but we are no way near being done. We have an ever-increasing focus on WineTech, and the possibilities it holds;

WineTech is partly as a reference to our development team working hard to make optimized processes in all business units and forming the company’s infrastructure, both regarding modern enterprise, serverless functions, and distributed cloud computing, making wine e-commerce both accessible, secure, and transparent. 

Furthermore, our in-house marketing department works on optimizing the company identity and customer experience, creating valuable educational content and data-driven analysis, and facilitating the direct dialogue between suppliers, customers, and RareWine. 

Our development and marketing departments are front runners in our industry regarding algorithm-based trading, AI, big data, analysis, and automation. 

Finally, our finance department provides sublime customer service regarding deposits, payments, and correct accounting. Proper Accounting is of great importance to RareWine Group and helps build the wine business of the future.

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