News - Storage - Thursday, June 22, 2023

RareWine provides a unique glimpse into the operations of London City Bond

Nordic Freeport's high standards endure in the UK's largest private bonded warehouse, marking RareWine Invest's next step in internationalization.

Since 2016, RareWine Invest has experienced remarkable growth and now stands as one of the world's leading wine investment providers, with investors from over 45 different nations, who have kept their investments in Nordic Freeport located in Denmark. As part of our ongoing expansion efforts and enhanced global focus, we have recognised the need for storage solutions that can accommodate the growing interest in wine investment.

To proactively address this, we have embarked on various initiatives, including the establishment of storage facilities in the United Kingdom, the world's primary hub for exclusive wines. London City Bond is our inaugural international third-party supplier, and we recently dispatched a camera crew to the UK to offer an exclusive and exceptional look behind the scenes of the largest private bonded warehouse in the country.

Join us as Lars Granat Jensen, RareWine Invest's Chief Marketing Officer, unlocks the imposing doors to unveil a captivating glimpse into the Drakelow Tunnels.

The Internationalisation of Nordic Freeport

Operating from offices across diverse global locations, we are dedicated to serving wine investors spanning the entire globe. With this commitment, we aim to efficiently deliver wines to the most strategically advantageous Nordic Freeport location. Our inaugural stride towards realizing this vision materializes through London City Bond (LCB), our preferred UK location. LCB allows us to accommodate new investors seamlessly, upholding uncompromised delivery, storage capacity, and quality standards.

In our tireless efforts to minimize storage costs for wine investors, we have diligently managed freight rates and long-distance temperature-controlled transport, streamlining handling and administrative processes. London City Bond fulfills this endeavor as a trusted third-party supplier, serving as a capable representative in Nordic Freeport’s internationalization journey. Furthermore, this reduction in transportation inherently contributes to decreased CO2 emissions.

While the London City Bond is an excellent initial milestone, our ambitions extend far beyond this. We remain forward-thinking, actively exploring opportunities to establish storage facilities in additional countries and to expand our roster of proficient partners among third-party suppliers. Our ultimate aim is to replicate the transparency we have consistently provided to existing and prospective investors within our Nordic Freeport storage facility in Vester Hassing.

Exploring The London City Bond - Drakelow Tunnels: An Exclusive Glimpse

For over 150 years, London City Bond (LCB) has held the esteemed position of the United Kingdom's foremost private bonded warehouse for wine and spirits. LCB boasts numerous facilities across the UK, and the Drakelow Tunnels, located just outside Kidderminster, are one such facility exploited by the Nordic Freeport.

These tunnels possess a captivating history, stretching over 5.5 kilometers and carved out of solid rock to serve as the Rover Car Shadow Factory during World War II. They even served as a secret nuclear shelter during the Cold War. Today, these intriguing tunnels have found a new purpose as they safeguard precious wines and spirits entrusted by investors and collectors from around the globe.

At London City Bond, Your Wine Is Securely Managed

London, renowned as the global epicenter for fine wine, is home to some of the finest storage facilities available. Several years ago, London City Bond (LCB) recognized an opportunity for further development within their rapidly expanding fine wine segment. This initiative commenced with the acquisition of Derby Turn in Burton-Upon-Trent, followed by expansions into Melksham and Dinton. Each of these locations was strategically equipped to cater to the storage needs of high-end wine. LCB has recently increased its acceptable wine storage offering by incorporating the Drakelow Tunnels in Kidderminster.

Founded in 1870, London City Bond operates with the support of 600 highly experienced, skilled, and well-trained personnel alongside a fleet of 300 dedicated delivery vehicles. LCB ensures compliance with its stringent standards through the integration of physical and electronic monitoring systems, as well as the utilization of Red Care GSM communication technology.

To maintain the security standards set by Nordic Freeport, each facility adheres to identical quality assurance and storage protocols, both presently and in the future. This entails meticulous control over temperature and humidity, comprehensive insurance coverage, and the presence of a dedicated anti-fraud team to uphold quality inspection standards. Moreover, state-of-the-art surveillance systems, vibration sensors, infrared and thermal cameras, and precision air conditioning are in place to manage environmental conditions. In other words, our investors can have absolute confidence that their wine collection is in capable hands, ensuring its optimal maturation for years to come.