News - Video - Wednesday, January 24, 2024

High-flying Company Presentation In The Making

At RareWine, our ambitions are lofty, and the sky is the limit. We wanted this high-flying video presentation to reflect that, so we took an unconventional leap - come inside

How To Make An Expression That Leaves An Impression?

Company presentations often tend to be dull and ordinary, and they all look the same! Why is that? Most likely, it is because companies lack personality and try to keep it serious, which is understandable. We have all been there.

Only a few dare to go in the opposite direction, producing a less severe presentation using irony and with the risk of risk losing integrity and importance. Additionally, it takes a more creative approach and is often time-consuming. We didn't want to fall into that ditch, and at the same time, we wanted to do something that sticks out from the flock.

Most importantly, we wanted a modern presentation that mirrors the core values of RareWine Group and the people who work here. And so it began… (find the final presentation in the bottom)

How To Make Company Values Come Alive?

Most importantly, RareWine Group is defined by the people who work here. They are the original culture carriers that form and shape the values of the company and our core identity.

From day one, the employees have been our most valuable resource, showing responsibility and ambition to become the best in the world of fine wine. Our team demonstrates tremendous courage in breaking barriers and being a front-runner in an otherwise conservative wine industry.

By taking responsibility, our team has been given the freedom to form their ideal workspace. The RareWine HQ in Aalborg is unlike most other workspaces.

Most of all, RareWine is a happy place where people love to work, stay, and hang out - even after hours. There is plenty of room for kids, pets, family, friends …and wine!

Our other locations in Denmark and abroad mirror that. Not to forget, we have a state-of-the-art warehouse that holds one of the most extensive wine collections globally.

We go to work every day aiming to become legendary! Work hard, play hard is the mantra. RareWine is fast-paced and busy, with unlimited ambitions and possibilities.

So, what is more relevant than just showing it? Simply just film the everyday life at RareWine. Easy peasy. And so, we did! But to include the fast-paced action, sky-high ambitions, and courage - we had to do more than just put up a camera…

Drone flying plan A plan in the making.

The Bravest Drone Operator In The World!

We brought in one of the world’s most skillful high-speed FPV-drone operators, Marius Strandberg. Marius is a humble guy from the Danish countryside, Gjøl. Despite being young of age, Marius has already competed in the most prestigious drone contests and manifested his reputation. And on the side, he shoots drone footage for the most significant brands around. You can find more of Marius’ work here…

Moreover, Marius is indeed the bravest drone pilot around, as he accepted the challenge of flying around the most expensive wines in the world at our warehouse to bring speed and action to our high-flying company presentation. And just to be clear, no bottles (or people) were harmed during the production.

MariusStrandberg_droneoperator Marius Strandberg, drone operator in action.

BONUS INFO: Marius Strandberg also filmed a part of our commercial with Danish World-tour cyclist Magnus Cort just days before the biggest event of the year, the Tour de France. Click here to see the video...

It’s a wrap; The BIGGER Picture

Ultimately, we filmed the whole presentation with nothing but a drone. A minimal production with no lighting, no styling, and no actors. Simple, yet effective. It was all orchestrated by the RareWine marketing team and filmed by one-man-army, Marius Strandberg.

The result? A modern storytelling, showcasing our core values and the spine of the RareWine Group. Curious about the result? Watch the full movie right here, and feel free to share:

Click above to start the video. Subtitles is available. Enjoy...

Most likely, we are not the first company to do a complete inside FPV-drone company presentation. Probably not the last, either. But, to prove that the sky truly is the limit and part with the traditional presentations, this was the ideal way for us to echo our culture and values.

Shout out to Marius for taking up the challenge and proving extraordinary courage. And to Final Film for assisting with the finishing touches.